What i have learnt about optimising foot function

Hi guys

So i have been wondering what to blog about next. I have been spending most of my time treating and learning about foot conditions. I thought i would summarise what i have learnt so far.

Firstly, i think the human foot is amazing. We have evolved to mobilise on 2 limbs instead of 4 and our feet have had to evolve with us. What a great job our feet do at shock absorption, propulsion, stability and mobility. When you really think about, it they are amazing!

The foot is a fairly complex structure with 26 bones and 33 joints in each foot. The foot connects our body to the earth. The way we place our foot on the ground in each step affects how to fascial lines in our body respond.

The more i have studied the foot, the more i have seen how it is involved with even back or buttock pain. In clinic i can carry out a series of tests on the muscular lines of the body to look for weakness. I am then able to add in another test to see if this weakness is coming from the foot or elsewhere. It is fascinating.

Using the Pedograph in clinic has also been extremely insightful. I have noticed that a foot can appear one way, but in weight bearing may be totally different.

So… what have i learnt about feet? I have learnt that the foot is extremely resilient. Even with clients who have worn restrictive shoes for years, the foot is able to change. People who commit to bunion correction are able to get some great results with some simple exercises and a change of footwear. These people would have been surgical candidates.

My take home message is this… give your foot a chance. You might be amazed by the results!