‘I have been a client of Anne Marie’s for 8 years. She is always professional, extremely knowledgeable and within a few sessions sets me on the right course for recovery. She is in addition super lovely and kind. I would highly recommend her, and have recommended her to friends and family’


Samantha Hoare April 2023

‘I had a long standing neck & shoulder injury which previous physio treatment (at different providers) hadn’t improved. Before progressing with a surgical treatment path I was recommend to Anne-Marie at Harmony and i’m so glad I was. Following a diligent, tailored treatment plan, I am now pain free with complete mobility again! I would highly recommend Anne-Marie.’


Spencer April 2023

‘I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with Anne-Marie. I was suffering severely with plantar fasciitis to the extent where I was unable to walk daily without a high level of pain.

Anne-Marie was brilliant with her diagnosis and treatment plan, she explained everything thoroughly and tailored the treatment to me and what I was comfortable with. Within weeks I started to see a massive improvement. Not only did Anne-Marie explain to me why I was suffering from plantar fasciitis, she also gave me different ways to self-manage, which have been really effective, especially when I’ve been travelling abroad and had to implement them. In under 12 weeks I have gone from being unable to walk around the office without being in pain to running, playing a contact sport and walking long distances with my dog with no pain at all.

I can’t thank Anne-Marie enough, she was passionate, caring and made me feel very much at ease. If I was to suffer another injury, she would be the first person I’d contact about treatment and I’d recommend her to anyone who’s suffering and needs physiotherapy.’


Megan Smith December 2022

‘I had the best experience with Anne-Marie after sustaining a muscle injury whilst sea swimming. I hobbled in for my first treatment and Anne-Marie quickly diagnosed and treated me. A follow up treatment and effective exercises to do daily had me right as rain in no time.’


Nicky Osmond 

‘I was recommended Anne-Marie by a gym instructor when I had tennis elbow and I’d hurt my lower back. Anne-Marie was great, she put me at ease, was extremely knowledgeable and after many sessions and lots of home exercises my arm and back are great 😊’


Edel Kerins 2021

‘I can’t speak highly enough of Anne Marie at Harmony. I recently finished a course of treatment for severe hip pain after a running injury and through her care and attention to detail Anne Marie diagnosed the issue and set up a clear path to recovery for me. Thank you for helping get back to my running sessions!’


Stephanie McLeish November 2022

‘I have been having a monthly MOT with Anne-Marie for a few years now and her expertise is amazing. She knows her stuff.! I would highly recommend Anne-marie to everyone and have also given her details out in the past and my friends have all gone to her and think the same. I will certainly continue to recommend Anne-Marie in the future.’


Annie Vaudin

I had great experience with Anne-Marie!


Florian Degering September 2022


Our aim is to not only treat the symptom of your condition but also look for, and address the cause. ‘Awareness is the key to change’. Without understanding what we are doing or how we are moving we are not able to change. We strive to bring you awareness to your condition in order to manage that condition better.