Harmony Physiotherapy Update: New Equipment In Clinic

Hi guys, it is Anne-marie a Chartered Physiotherapist from Harmony Physiotherapy Jersey.

I want to share some exciting news regarding the foot physiotherapy service.

The MOBO Board: I am delighted  that I now have the MOBO board in clinic all the way from the USA! This single-axis rocker board is a tool designed to enhance foot function and improve balance. By introducing controlled instability during exercises, the MOBO board challenges the foot’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments, promoting strength, stability, and proprioception. Incorporating the MOBO board into your foot physiotherapy sessions will provide you with an effective way to address various foot conditions and improve foot health.

The Pedograph: I now have a Pedograph in clinic. This allows me to evaluate the pressure at your foot during weight bearing, which offers valuable insights into function during walking and standing. This enables us to develop tailored treatment plans to target specific foot issues.

The PedesPocket: A great little tool from My Foot Function. This is a helpful tool for non-surgical bunion correction, plantar fasciitis and improving foot function. I have written a separate BLOG on this lovely piece of kit.

Toe Spacers: Toe spacers are great to improve foot alignment and relieve discomfort. They are designed to separate and realign the toes. Toe spacers are used for a short period of time in the day when you are weight bearing/walking. These can really help in combination with corrective exercises to improve bunion and toe crowding issues.

To book an appointment and experience these advancements firsthand, please reach out to Harmony Physiotherapy.

Stay healthy, stay active, and take care of your feet.


Senior Chartered Physiotherapist