What should I expect at my assessment?

Your physiotherapy assessment will last 45 minutes. During this time we will fill in some forms and ask you some questions. We will then carry out a series of  physiotherapy tests to assist us in getting a diagnosis. We usually then have time for some treatment. The assessment is the most important session as a physiotherapist needs information in order to offer you the correct diagnosis and best treatment plan.

What should I wear?

Anne-Marie, your physiotherapist, will need to access the part of the body that she is assessing/ treating. It is likely that you will need to remove some clothing. If you are having a lower limb assessed we recommend wearing or bringing shorts and if the upper limb a vest top would be ideal.

How do I pay?

You can pay for your physiotherapy appointment at the end of your appointment. We have a SUM UP machine (card) in clinic and also accept bank transfer or cash. Regrettably we do not accept cheques.


If you are using an Insurance allocation you can book online under Insurance Assessment. You will need to contact your Insurance Provider to get authorisation for treatment. The online form will ask you for your membership and authorisation numbers as well as details of your injury. If you prefer you can contact Anne-Marie who will do this for you.

How do I find you?

Harmony Physiotherapy is based at Les Quennevais Sports Centre in Jersey. Please put a yellow disc up in the car park and head into the centre. On your left are some stairs. Please go down the stairs and through the doors. Harmony Physiotherapy is immediately on your left.

How many treatments will I need?

Every case is different. Anne-Marie, your physiotherapist will discuss this at your initial assessment and ensure that she arranges a plan that works for you.

Will you be giving me a massage?

Each condition is different but physiotherapists are not massage therapists. We may use some release work but it is likely that this will be in addition to some corrective type exercise. Physiotherapists follow evidence based practice and the literature tells us that the best result is achieved through a combination of hands on treatment alongside strength and conditioning exercises. We will discuss your individual case with you at your assessment.

If you have any further questions please contact Anne-Marie.


Our aim is to not only treat the symptom of your condition but also look for, and address the cause. ‘Awareness is the key to change’. Without understanding what we are doing or how we are moving we are not able to change. We strive to bring you awareness to your condition in order to manage that condition better.