Menopause Activity

Perimenopause and menopause can be a challenging time for women. Many changes occur in a women’s body including loss of lean muscle mass, decrease in bone minerals and a reduction in endurance capacity.

As a Chartered Physiotherapist with a special interest in menopause (as well as going through it myself) I am well placed to guide women on exercise during this period . Exercise is beneficial to a women during this time. The National Institute of Health states that ‘Exercise increases the cardiorespiratory function. If done regularly, it reduces the metabolic risks associated with declining oestrogen. It increases HDL, reduces LDL, triglycerides and fibrinogen. There is an additional benefit of a reduced risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes.’ Exercise has also been shown to optimise brain health.

There are 4 priority areas when training during this time.

1. Resistance
2. Impact
4. Rest and recovery

Women should aim to be doing some activity in each category and should try and use variety and diversity to get the most benefit. For example it is best to do different types of activity.

The World Health Organisation recommends that adults do 300 minutes of activity each week. 150 of this should be moderate exercise.

If you would like any advice on exercise during menopause or would like to develop an exercise program you can book in to see me at Harmony Physiotherapy. I am based at Les Quennevais Sports Centre. You can book an assessment here.