Tackling The Cause of Pain, Not Just The Symptoms

Awareness is the key to change
Harmony Physiotherapy is run by Chartered Physiotherapist Anne-Marie Webb who has 25 years of experience. The clinic is conveniently based at Les Quennevais Sports Centre with easy access, parking and good facilities.


Anne-Marie treats a wide variety of conditions with physiotherapy techniques and acupuncture. She offers 1:1 biomechanical assessments alongside corrective exercises for those who wish to improve their functional or sporting performance. Anne-Marie also specialises in foot physiotherapy and non-surgical bunion correction as well as hypermobility syndromes.


Our aim is to not only treat the symptom of your condition but also look for, and address the cause. ‘Awareness is the key to change’. Without understanding what we are doing or how we are moving we are not able to change. We strive to bring you awareness to your condition in order to manage that condition better.